Structure. Responsibility. Values.

Deutsche SachCapital enables asset managers to initiate investment projects as AIFs within the meaning of the German Capital Investment Code (KAGB) without having to apply for their own license. As an AIFM we fulfill all regulatory requirements and possess not only the level of competence required by the supervisory authority and the necessary infrastructure, but also in planning, marketing, and management of holdings of tangible assets. We ensure that the managed assets are optimally structured for the future, use our clients' innovative concepts to design responsible investment products, thereby making an active contribution to sustainable development of their holdings.


The management of Deutsche SachCapital possesses not only many years of experience, it also has an extensive network.


Deutsche SachCapital relieves asset managers of their responsibility for management of AIFs in accordance with the AIFM regulation.


Deutsche SachCapital manages alternative investment funds (AIFs) investing in real assets.


Deutsche SachCapital is located in Berlin.