AIFM for closed end funds

Deutsche SachCapital enables asset managers to initiate their investment projects as alternative investment funds (AIFs) pursuant to the German Capital Investment Code (KAGB).

The scope of service has been set up in a way that Deutsche SachCapital assumes the obligations pursuant to the KAGB on behalf of the asset manager within the scope of its usual value creation chain. By virtue of the contractual relationships with the AIFM, the asset manager can concentrate on the selection of the assets and their financing, the fund concept and preparation of the prospectus, the sale, the fund and asset management as well as the investor management. Within the scope of its duties and responsibilities under the third-party management agreement with the AIF, Deutsche SachCapital secures the portfolio management, risk management, valuation, reporting, and all of the requirements at the level of the AIFM such as compliance, revision, and the company-related risk management. The activities of the jointly selected custodian and the auditor are integrated into the organization of the processes by Deutsche SachCapital. As a quality-assurance measure, Deutsche SachCapital subjects every asset manager to a qualification process before undertaking any activities on behalf of its AIF.

This division of duties and responsibilities between the asset manager and the AIFM makes a highly specialized, efficient, and sustained engagement for investment assets possible.